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Welcome to our Registration page.  Where you can register for our events.   We offer Clinics, Tournaments and of course our WYOMING SENIOR OLYMPICS.  The clinics and Tournaments are independent of the Summer Olympics.  We are offering more items throughout the year to keep you going and prepping for our Winter Games and Summer Olympics.

How to register?

Above are the three choices. 
1. First one is registration for our Summer Olympics only(which is held in Cheyenne). 
2. Tournaments (held in Casper).  Not related to Summer Olympics.
3. Clinics (held in Various locations) Not related to Summer Olympics

What do you want to register for?

Click on the one picture you want to register for.

This will go to Fusesport registration.

      - you need to know your Account Number
      - Confirmation Number (you receive this with your confirmation email we send the very first time you register) and Last Name
       -  Email and Password


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