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Thursday, August 1, 2024 - 7am to 5pm

7am to 12pm Men’s Doubles 

12pm to 5pm Women’s Doubles

Friday, August 2, 2024 - 7am to 4pm

7am to 4pm Mixed Doubles

Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 4pm to 10pm

4pm to 10pm M/W Singles  

Please indicate partner at time of registration. If you do not have one, please leave this space blank. Partners must be registered by July 20, 2024 to participate.  Go to the website click Partner Finder.  Find a partner or add yourself to the list.




BEAST - City of Cheyenne, 2900 Sunflower Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82009



 5-Year Age Brackets:

      50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+

      75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+


     **Games officials reserve the right to cancel any event or combine age divisions due to insufficient entries.


       $60 Registration Fee - Plus $20.00/or $10.00 Venue Fee


       Final Registration Deadline – July 20


  • All athletes are required to read and understand the rules

  • Athletes may compete in singles, doubles and mixed​


The Commissioner will design the tournament as far as rules, guidelines, and bracketing.

  • Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. Under NSGA rules, doubles and mixed doubles are classified as events. Therefore, athletes may not compete in more than one age division for doubles or mixed doubles. 

  • Age/Skill doubles and mixed doubles will be determined by the higher skill player and the lower aged player as of December 31, 2024. 

  • If an athlete does not have a skill rating, they will need to refer to the document posted on under the Pickleball sports page in order to determine their skill rating.

  • NSGA shall use the following skill levels within each age group at Nationals: (3.0 and under, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5/5.0).

  • Competitors must provide their own paddles. Balls will be provided.

  • Tournament format will be double elimination play with the first person/team to win 2 out of 3 games; each game is played to 11, win by 2. 

    The NSGA and LOC reserve the right to change the tournament format depending on entry numbers, space restrictions or other circumstances.

    NSGA 2025 Rules Apply

    All Pickleball events will be conducted in accordance with the USA Pickleball Association rules, except as modified herein.


For copy of the rules, please visit the 

USA Pickleball website

USA Pickleball Association 

PO Box 7354 

Surprise, AZ 85374


or click on link below


Athletes must wear proper court shoes – no black sole shoes allowed on the court area. Also, shirt color cannot be the same color as the game ball. (Optic yellow/green).


In each class and age division, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three scores.  There will be no tie-breakers.  Ties will be given identical medals.


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