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We are accepting Hall of Fame applications for
"Class of 2024!"  

Deadline June 15, 2024

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A letter from our Executive Director


We are excited to announce the fantastic work our team is doing.  Due to a couple of last-minute venue changes, we will open our 2024 WSO Summer Registration tomorrow, May 2nd, at 5 PM.  This event will be our 2025 National Qualifying Event for Des Moines, Iowa!  


We are offering a pickleball clinic on May 25th and a pickleball tournament on June 1st and 2nd in Casper. Registration is currently open for these two events. (click on the Registration button) These are warm-up events to the July 31st - August 4th WSO Summer Olympics in Cheyenne. Please watch for more exciting announcements in the next couple of weeks!     


We are sending our best wishes for a year full of sport, competition, and friendship.  Please nominate a deserving Wyoming Senior for the first "Class of 2024" Hall of Fame induction.  The Guidelines and Application can be found above on our website.  Please make plans to attend our 2024 Celebration Banquet on Friday, August 2nd, 2024!  Tickets are available during the registration process.

Once more, congratulations to the 15 athletes who represented Wyoming in last July's Summer National Senior Games in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The 2024 Wyoming Senior Summer Olympics will feature an exciting format. Details, dates, and venues will be available tomorrow after a couple of venue changes are confirmed. The event will be held from July 31st to August 4th, 2024, in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Coming out of COVID, we continue to be grateful for all the resilience shown in the past three years. Thanks to our WSO Board of Directors, the winter and summer games event organizers, and sports commissioners for their continued support, as well as the sports organizations who have guided us all.  A huge Thank you goes out to our volunteers.  If interested in volunteering this year please click on the volunteer tab above.

The WSO Board continues to meet and discuss challenges, including visibility, athlete attendance, venue availability, raising costs, increased insurance requirements, and a need for volunteers to help with events. Thanks to all of you who have contributed funds to the Wyoming Senior Olympics this past year.

Questions about upcoming events?  Please don't hesitate to call 307-321-0699 or email with questions or suggestions.  Keep training, stay in shape, and have fun – as we know, "Competition Never Gets Old," and you all are proof of that motto!  And don't forget to join our Facebook & Instagram pages!

Truly Yours,

De Shann Schinkel


De Shann B. Schinkel | Executive Director

WSO (Wyoming Senior Olympics)

P.O. Box 1511

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003

M: 307-321-0699


Our Generous Sponsors

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Brief History




Between 1986 and 2019, Wyoming Senior Olympics (WSO) was produced by a non-profit organization that used the services of the recreation departments of hosting cities to create the yearly event.  When the City of Cheyenne experienced financial difficulties in 2020-2021, the city cut funding for the WSO organization.  Therefore, the Wyoming Senior Olympics were not produced in 2020-2021.  In the fall of 2021, the Board of Directors hired an Executive Director and worked toward a new direction of hosting the WSO without the assistance of the City Recreation Department.  This board met several challenges during 2022 and 2023.  However, with board determination and sponsorship support, they produced a successful event in 2023.  And look forward to continuing the growth of the Wyoming Senior Olympics throughout Wyoming for years to come.



"The games are always fun"


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